Thinker Ivan Illich’s Belarusian translations published

І-ІллічWith the assistance of the “Political Sphere” Institute, another book appeared in the “Green Letter” series. The edition contains two works by a well-known thinker Ivan Illich (1926-2002) titled Energy and Equity and Tools for Conviviality.

The works are dedicated to finding the optimum level of technology for the modern society, which on the one hand would help avoiding an environmental and social disaster, and the other would ensure an acceptable living standard and sufficient freedom for all. In Energy and Equity, the author examines it through the example of transport while in Tools for Conviviality he also covers healthcare, education and other spheres of life.

The book is addressed to the ones interested in social philosophy, “slow life” supporters, environmental activists, fighters against the North American and Western European imperialism as well as to a wide range of readers.

Ivan Illich’s works are translated into Belarusian for the first time.

Energy and Equity. Tools for Conviviality / Ivan Illich; translated from English. – Vilnius: Political Sphere, 2013. – 204 pp.

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