Rules of submitting

The submission and review of the articles is conducted online. Please send the materials to info [@]

Submitted articles undergo anonymous peer review. The topics of submitted articles may differ from the main issue topic.

The articles cannot contain plagiarism. The editorial board has the right to publicly reveal plagiarism if found in submitted works.

Only original texts which have been never published as an article or a part of monograph, including electronic publications, can be submitted for consideration.

The main text cannot contain the author’s name or other references to the author.

Subsequent publications of the texts must refer to the original publication in the journal. This also concerns the use of published articles in subsequent monographs or online publications.

The editorial board of Political Sphere must be notified about the use of the text in monographs or other publications.

Main guidelines:

1. The minimum article size is 35,000 characters with spaces, the maximum size is 55,000 characters with spaces (including references and bibliography).

2. In addition to the text, the author should provide: (a) personal information (b) abstracts (c) keywords.

3. Personal information includes the author’s discipline of work, academic and administrative status, and other relevant information, 2-3 sentences in total.

4. Abstracts should reflect the main ideas of the article. Size: no more than 120 words (optimal size is 70-80 words). The abstracts should be in the original language and in English.

5. Please provide 4-5 keywords.


The abstracts, a list of keywords and personal information should be submitted as a separate file.


Citations and references of the submitted papers must adhere to the American Political Science Association style. Please consult pages 17-21 and 24-33 of the manual