Conception of Insitute

Institute of Political Studies “Political Sphere” – research and expert institutions (Vilnius-Minsk, Belarus-Lithuania)

Objectives of the institute:

  1. The systematic study of politics and society of Belarus and the Central and Eastern Europe.
  2. Formation of the professional community of researchers of politics in Belarus, building the necessary infrastructure for their professional activities.
  3. Integration of Belarusian researchers in regional, European and international academic context, and promotion of joint research activities.


December 2001 – the foundation of the journal of political studies “Political Sphere”.

2001-2006 – activity of the journal community at the Belarusian State University (Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Law).

2006-2009 – activity of the journal community at the European Humanities University, Lithuania (Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science).

September 2009 – the foundation of the Institute of Political Studies “Political Sphere”on the basis of journal community.

March 2011 – signing of the agreement on academic cooperation with Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania).

The main activities:

Research and expert activities:

  • Political studies, with a special focus on empirical research and quantitative methods.
  • Sociological, history and culture studies.
  • Policy studies.


  • Publication of the journal of political studies “Political Sphere” (biannual).
  • Publication of English-language journal Belarusian Political Science Review (annual).
  • Publication of monographs, translations, anthologies in political science and other social sciences.

Conferences and public events:

  • Administration of the International Congress of Belarusian Studies (annual).
  • Academic thematic conference (annual).
  • Regular methodological seminar.

Activities for the development of the academic community and education:

  • Administration of the international PhD-program.
  • Administration of the educational programme “European Union: Politics, Economy, Culture” at the Belarusian Collegium
  • Public lectures.
  • Special training courses.
  • Reviewing the academic and expert publications.