“Political Sphere” journal presents the electronic versions of issues 1 through 21 online


“Political Sphere” journal is changing the format and switches to the open access through the electronic version of the publication. All materials will be presented on the journal’s updated site journal.palityka.org

From now on, the access is open to nearly all electronic versions of the articles and abstracts of the issues 1 to 21 (dated 2001-2013). The texts of all new issues will also be presented on the site.

 “Political Sphere” journal has been published since 2001. Until now, 21 issues have been released.

 It is one of the leading editions of Belarus specialising in political and social sciences. The journal publishes the research findings from different fields of political science and related disciplines. The aim of the publication is to meet the needs of the wide academic community in the results of theoretical and empirical research activities. All the journal’s articles are subject to a mandatory anonymous review. The reviewers are representatives of the academic community of Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and other countries.The journal is available from a number of international scientific libraries including Central and Eastern European On-line Library and is abstracted in International Political Science Association (IPSA) Abstracts. Our partners are academic and research institutions in Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and the USA.

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