March 19: discussion “The Regionalist Idea: Reassessing the Political and Cultural Significance”

The “Political Sphere” Institute and Belarusian Collegium, supported by the Polish Institute in Minsk, are inviting for discussion and presentation of the regionalist idea anthology.

The Regionalist Idea: Reassessing the Political and Cultural Significance” discussion with one of the first researcher of the regionalist idea Jan Jurkievič, Professor at the University in Poznań, will take place at 18:30 on March 19 in Manastyrski Hotel (6 Cyril and Methodius Street). Well-known Belarusian researchers Alieś Smaliančuk, Andrej Kazakievič, Alieś Paškievič, Ihar Babkoŭ will also participate in the discussion.
The discussion will address the following questions: What place does the regionalist idea take in the political and intellectual history of the region? What political and cultural ideas were mainly developed by the regionalists? How is the heritage of the regionalist idea used in the cultural space and political life of Belarus, Lithuania and Poland? What aspects of the regionalist idea are remaining relevant today?

The discussion will be combined with the presentation of the electronic version of the “Anthology of the Regionalist Idea: Early 20th Century” prepared by the “Political Sphere” Institute.

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