Andrei Kazakevich. Tendencies of regional elites’ development in Belarus (Local elections’ results in 1999, 2003 and 2007)

Internet politics
Alexei Krivolap. Live Journal and a local newspaper in the 2007 election context
Andrei Khrapavitski. The Analysis of Web Campaigning and Use of Internet by Candidates during the 2008 Parliamentary elections

Mapping Politics
Dzianis Melyantsou. Spontaneous Groups after 2006 elections
Andrei Kazakevich. Belarusian political cartography based on the results of the Presidential elections in 1994—2006

Political ideas and national identity
Tatsiana Vadalazhskaya. Belarusian inhabitants’’ conceptualizations of the notion “citizen”
Siarhei Kuzniatsou. Symbolism of money: finances and historical consciousness of Ukraine

Lithuania and Belarus
Alaksei Lastouski. Ideas and practices of the skinhead youth counterculture in Belarus
Andrei Kazakevich. Short Genealogy of the Crivitian Idea

History of election
Andrei Pachobut. Stalin era voting in Grodno Region: Sapotskina Case in 1948

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