Vadzim Smok

IMG_7229Vadzim holds BA in Political Science (2010) and MA in Political Science (2012) from European Humanities University (Lithuania).

Since 2012 he is a research fellow at the Institute of Political Studies “Political Sphere”.

Vadzim is also a contributor to the English-language analytical website BelarusDigest.

His research interests include political institutions, comparative politics, regional and local politics, Central and Eastern Europe.


Academic publications:

Смок, В. (2012). “Рэгіянальная палітычная эліта Беларусі і Польшчы: параўнальны аналіз Гарадзенскай вобласці і Падляскага ваяводства”, Палітычная сфера № 16-17: 157-178.

Смок, В. (2013). “Навука апраўдання аўтарытарызму”, Палітычная сфера № 21(2): 113-123.

Smok, Vadzim (2014). “Belarusian Identity: the Impact of Lukashenka’s Rule”, European Union Foreign Affairs Journal No. 01: 28-46

Selected analytical publications:

Belarus and the EEU: Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place, 14 May 2014

Why Lukashenka Wants to Make Friends with the New Ukrainian Government, 19 March 2014

Belarus Refuses to Support Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, 6 March 2014

Analytical Paper: Belarusian Identity – the Impact of Lukashenka’s Rule, 9 December 2013

EU Aid to Belarus: Financing the Dictatorship or Keeping Illegal Migrants Out?, 25 October 2013

Belarus Police on the Edge of Reform, 7 November 2012

Belarus Ex-Officials in Russian Business: Effective Managers or Kremlin Agents? 30 October 2012