Political Sphere. History: literature, law, politics № 22-23 (2014-2015)

Full texts from the 22-23th issue of “Political Sphere” journal (2014-2015) are available in electronic format on the journal’s website. Here the contents are offered to your attention.



Abstracts and Keywords
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Social and Legal Tradition of the GDL

David Frick. Tolerating the intolerable: coexistence in the 17 th century Vilnius

Natallia Sliž. The Magistrate Court of Hrodna: the Compliance of Legal Practice with Magdeburg Law (1639-1642)

Juraś Bačyšča. Biblical Influence on the Statutes of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Literature and Politics

Hans Rothe. What is the “Old Russian Literature”?

Polemics and Working Materials

Leonid Tymoshenko. Controversial Issues of the History of the Union of Brest

Aliaksiej Martyniuk. Bernhard Prittwitz: “German Cossack” on the Steppe Frontier of the Crown and the Duchy in the 16th Century

Filip Padbiarozkin. Albert Krantz and Ivan the Terrible: a Story of a Message

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