A collective monograph “Civil Society in Belarus (2000-2015)” has been published

In 2015, the Warsaw East European Democratic Centre published a collective monograph “Civil Society in Belarus (2000-2015)”. The editors of the monograph are Valier Bulhakaŭ and Aliaksej Lastoŭski, senior researcher at the Political Sphere Institute. The book begins with the texts of researchers of Political Sphere Institute: Aliaksiej Lastoŭski ( “Solidarity Test: Reaction of Belarusan Civil Society to Events in Ukraine in 2013-2014”), Vadzim Smok ( “How Cultural NGOs Struggle for the Right to Be Belarusian”), and Vadzim Bylina (“Football Fans as an Example of a Community beyond the Government’s Control in the Conditions of the Authoritarian Regime”).

Full text of the monograph can be found online:



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