The first Summer School of the Belarusian Collegium “European Borderlands” took place near Bialystok

Летняя школа -2015On 25-28 June the first Summer School of the Belarusian Collegium was held near Bialystok, Poland. It was organized in cooperation with the Institute “Political Sphere” and other partners under title “European Borderland: Political, Historical and Intellectual Model”. Over 50 people – students, alumni and faculty – attended the event.

Understanding of Belarus as a part of Europe, cross-border cooperation, a common history of Belarus, Lithuania and Poland, as part of European history were the main topics for discussion during the three days. The former and current students had an opportunity to listen and speak to the well-known Belarusian, Lithuanian and Polish scientists and intellectuals: Valiancin Akudovič, Iryna Dubianieckaja, Uladzimir Mackievič, Andrej Kazakievič, Michal Aniempadystaŭ, Oleg Latyszonek, Rustis Kamuntavičius and others.

The school was organized with the aim to expand the intellectual communication and exchange of opinions and ideas, as well as strengthen the international links of the Collegium. The school was held in the “Bora-Zdroj” rural estate, a few kilometers away from the Belarusian border, which perfectly suited the theme of the school. The participants appeared on the European borderland, the main subject of most discussions.

The Belarus Collegium Summer School is expected to become an annual event. The following year, students and graduates will again have the opportunity to study and recreate together.


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