The 3rd summer session of the International PhD programme for Belarus has been held in Warsaw

PhD_By1On 1-13 July 2015 a session of the International PhD program for Belarus, which is administered by the Institute “Political Sphere”, has been held in Warsaw, Poland. It was organized in traditional partnership with the Institute of Eastern European Studies at Warsaw University (Studium Europy Wschodniej, Uniwersytet Warszawski), and the session was combined with the Summer School of the Institute of Eastern European Studies.

On 1-9 July the PhD program held discussions of dissertations of doctoral students. The participants of the session had the opportunity to visit open lectures of Yaroslav Gritsak (Ukraine), Tsaby Kis (Hungary), Andrzej Mencvel (Poland), Timothy Snyder (United States), visit the library of Warsaw University and the Central Historical Archives.

On 10-13 July, program participants took part in the XII Warsaw East European Conference.

In total, 12 representatives of the academic community of Belarus attended the session. They discussed studies on Stefan Batory University in Vilnius (1919-1939), modern ethnographic academic community of Belarus, the problems of the ethnic history of Palessie, theaters sphere of Belarus, and the reform of the Ministry of Interior.

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