Belarusian Collegium: “Literature after Literature. The End of Belles-Lettres?” discussion on 15 February, 2015

On February 15, within the “Poems on the Pavement” festival, Belarusian Collegium introduces the discussion “Literature after Literature. The End of Belles-Lettres?”

The writer: a thinker or a showman? Network culture: a reading-book funeral or texts incubator? Literariness: a desease of consciousness or a sign of quality? Seriality: a new game or a conveyor of emptiness? The reader: submit to or educate?

And everything you wanted to know about the devaluation of characters, clever men at the supermarket, verbal decadence, belletrisation of consciousness, trade with authenticity and philosophical striptease – but did not know whom to ask.

Participants: Valiancin Akudovič, Maksim Žbankoŭ, Andrej Khadanovič, Jury Zavadski (Ukraine), Siarhiej Cimafiejeŭ (Latvia). Moderated by Iryna Dubianieckaja.

Discussion will start at 13:30.

Venue: TUT.BY gallery (57 Dziaržynskaha Avenue, tube station Mikhalova)

Free admission.

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