Programme of the 4th International Congress of Belarusian Studies (NEW version)

General Programme (pdf)

Presentations and public events (pdf)

1. Problems of Transformation and Modernisation of Belarusian Economy (pdf)

a) Problems of Innovative Development of Belarusian Industry; b) Problems of Transformation and Modernisation of Belarusian Economy; c) Economy of Belarusian Regions.

2. Political Institutions and National Identity in East-Central Europe (pdf)

a) Local Institutions and Politics in Central and Eastern Europe: the Results of (Un)Democratic Transformation; b) Political Opposition in the Countries of the Former Soviet Union; c) National Identity in the Politics of Nations of Former Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita).

3. International Relations and Foreign Policy (pdf)

a) Emerging Powers and Central and Eastern Europe: Missed Opportunities or Overestimated Perspectives?; b)Armed Conflicts on the Post-Soviet Space in 1990-2014 (the Crimea, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh etc.); c) Middle Europe in the Politics of Great Powers; d) Belarusian Foreign Policy. 

4. Public Administration, Science and Education, Civil Society  (pdf)

a) Current State, Opportunities and Prospects of Science, Education and Academic Community in Belarus; b) Public Administration and Public Policy in Belarus; c) Belarusian Civil Society: Current State and Future Prospects. 

5. Great Duchy of Lithuania: Source, Society, Narration (pdf)

a) Traditions of Szlachta Self-Government in the History of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (to the 450th Anniversary of Belsk Privilige of 1 July 1564); b) The Grand Duchy of Lithuania: From Source to Narration (Problems of Interpretation of Written Heritage); c) Typography of Suprasĺ and Belarusian Trade of Service Books. 

6. Belarus in the Russian Empire (the End of the 18th – the Beginning of the 20th Centuries); b) Jews in Belarusian History (pdf) 

7. Belarus in the 20th Century: Violence  and Modernisation (pdf)

a) Violence in the 20th Century: Experience, Consequences, Memory and Heritage; b) History of Belarus of the 20th Century.

8. Belarusian Diaspora and Borderland  in Past and Present (pdf)

a)Borderland and Borders: from Cartography to Literature; b) Belarusian Diaspora: Trying to Understand the Intellectual Heritage; c) Belarusians in Poland: Past, Present and Future.

9. Philological Projects: a) Philological Projects as a Tool of Consolidation of Belarusian Society (pdf); b) Belarusian Bible: Problems and Prospects of Academic Translation (pdf)

10. Belarusian Literature: National Traditions and Global Context (pdf)

a) Belarusian Literature: National Traditions and Global Context; b) Literature after “Bum-Bam-Lit”: Art Groups in the End of the 20th – Beginning of the 21st Centuries.

11. Saints in Belarusian History and Present: Personalities, Places, Texts, Community (pdf) 

12. Belarusian Cultural Landscape: Memory and Transformation (pdf)

a) Museums and the Problems of Interpretation of Cultural Heritage; b) Protection and Restoration of Architectural Heritage; c) Belarusian Necropolis Studies; d) Contemporary Architecture of Belarus: Problems of Study and Prospects for Development.

13. Belarusian Culture: New Concepts and Current Strategies (pdf)

a) Contemporary Belarusian Culture: Search for New Matrix or Life after Nation?; b) The Problem of Creation of Catalogue of Representative Works of Belarusian Art of the 20th – 21st Centuries; c) Management in the Contemporary Cultural Projects.

14. Traditional Nonmaterial Culture of Belarus and East-central Europe (pdf)

a) Tradition and Post-Tradition in the Cultural Landscape of Belarus; b) Bagpipes in the North-East Europe: History and Mutual Influence.

15. Gender “Rules”: Discources, Policies and Practices (pdf)

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