Articles of the researchers of Political Sphere Institute in the new issue of Arche journal


A new issue of Arche No 4 (2015) has been published. It is titled “Unequal Partnerships: the State and Civil Society in the Consolidated Authoritarianism” and is dedicated to the civil society.

The issue was prepared in cooperation with the Institute “Political Sphere”  and contains a number of articles of the Institute’s researchers:

Aliaksej Lastoŭski. Test for Solidarity: the Reaction of the Belarusian Ccivil Society on the Events in Ukraine (2013-2014).

Vadzim Smok. The Struggle for Belarusianness: the Results of Activity of Cultural NGOs.

Vadzim Bylina. Football Fans as a Case of Community Uncontrolled by the Authorities under Authoritarian Regime.

The content of the issue can be found here.

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